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sierra, it's mainly rain down at lake level. snow levels are up around 8,000 feet now. so that is 6,000 feet revel, it's rainfall. despite rain there, kirkwood, squaw valley ski resorts opened. that should be good news for skiers. back to the bay area, we're taking a look at rainfall tote yams just hundreds of an inch. others received a generous dose of rainfall. san francisco two tenths so far. exactly two-tenths in mount st. helena. oakland continues to fall. we'll take a look at the forecast and the weekend in just a few minutes. >> we're on storm watch. our live coverage continues tonight with two live reports from the field. sergio, we'll start with you. it's been coming throughout there in waves all day long. >> it's been coming down in waves but has been light. so in fact it's been sted
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yeerk not heavy rain rains and only just in the last five minutes, begin chilly out here, just a half hour ago, i talked to someone describing it as balmy. no wind gusts here so far. traffic moving along as you would expect on a friday evening, it's packed and slow moving but the rain adds another layer to be careful out there. we did not see%)db÷ crashes or fender benders and it seems like drivers are taking their time. every person i talked to, however, says this evening they're loving rain and hoping for more. >> it's too cold, what i don't like. >> it's raining and snowing. yes. >> i'm leaving soon so this is
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very nice to be in front of. >> and again, only in the last five minutes there is a slight breeze this, is not quite the first rain of the season here in marin county. it is supposed to be a series of days with rain so people are busting out rain gear there and probably a good idea to have them handy throughout the weekend.6:nñ let's turn to lyanne melendez, any trouble there, so far? >> so far, so good. here is a plan every time there is a break in weather, city engineers will come out here to check on conditions. so so far, so good. they have had a break in weather before that, and city
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engineers about two hours before or so, a checked condition and everything was fine. but again, a lot of things goring to hatch. police will make the rounds to check that everybody is okay around here. and they will have crews on stand by, not only tonight, all day, this afternoon as well, but tonight and this weekend, i'm told, now, a -- i have an update on long term plans. we just found out. the city has a retained a service of a geo tech engineer. so that person will assess that hillside, then, that person will come up with a plan. >> thank you very much. there is so much concern there so that is why they're worried about the storms. a former police commander in
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jail arks kugsed of financial abuse of an 82-year-old woman. >> matthew was arrested yesterday, after a four-month long investigation. police say he and his wife managed to talk a woman into signing over her home, bank account, cars and safety deposit box, assets totalling $750,000. the 6-year-old was a commander with the police department when investigators say he used his position to convince an 82-year-old woman to sign over all of her assets. >> property and other assets. >> police sargeant was one of the investigators 0cm@ the case that began in july when a social worker noted some problems with the assets. the 30-year-old was also
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involved. >> they gained trust of the victim. and created an actual legal trust, will be a victim to state. >> the district attorney complaint lists 14 counts after bus ranging from grand theft to practicing law without a license, ez she was supposed to turn herself in this morning. >> she told us she's going to turn herself in last night. she was not. >> the 82-year-old female is under protection of the county public guardian according to the director of the county adult division. >> in this case that happened. and we have temporary conservatoriship of the individual to protect assets and to protect her life style. and, which means that there can be no further year bus. >> he resigned while under
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investigation, and he was arraigned this morning and did not enter a plea. not enter a plea. he is oakland and police are asking his wife to turn herself in. >> thank you. there is this. a san francisco sheriff deputy arrested today for robbing a district bank this month. the 36-year-old is accused of robbing the bank of america at 38th avenue and balboa street. police say he handed the teller a net saying he was armed and demanning money, then took off with $1700 in cash. >> san francisco expects men and women in uniform to up hold themselves with the highest respect for the law. and there are going to be serious consequences for them he faces charges of robbery and burglary. a spokesman says he will be suspended and
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placed on leave pending this investigation. >> details in the brutal kidnapping and assault of a solano woman and the suspect is 14 years old. police say he pulled a gun on a woman yesterday afternoon. he forced her to dreef out of the areas then called her family demanding a ransom.,fmzj >> she was assaulted, left unconscious, duct taped in a ditch. the suspect fled in her vehicle. >> police caught up with that 14-year-old where the assault took place, call afd he followed a girl inside toys are us, she turned him down for a date. the boy being charged with assault, armed robbery, car jacking and kidnapping for ransom. the 65-year-old victim is recovering in the hospital. >> let's move on to other news. a head coach is back on the 49ers side lines tonight.
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abc 7 news is here with more on that. there is good news, business as usual. you would expect with the coach, back at practice after undergoing a procedure to correct an irregular heartbeat. he said he's suffered from the flutter much of his life and had a similar procedure years ago back when he was playing quarterback. he down played seriousness of the situation ask did say doctors told him he has to improve his quiet, cut back on caffeine. >> doctors said you need to go in get this dub. so... it's, you know you're not going to be stubborn like a mule. and do what doctors tell you. just glad to be back at work. glad to be prepared for the game. i am fine. and ready to go to work. >> he's fine, fine. some players say they were concerned when they heard the problem was his heart.
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>> kind of scary for us, he's our head coach. we care about him. he wasn't at practice this, is something jim harbaugh don't do. so, we shook his hand. so everything was good. >>"x÷íy this guy is unbelievabl, he's next to me at prk tis, i'm like what are you doing? >> he said, oh, checking it out. got to love that.½h >> he showed up after he was at the hospital and she shooed haim way, get out of here. one quarterback will not be playing monday night. we'll have the story coming up in sports. >> what did you tell the guys all the time? i'm tougher than a $2 steak? >> yes. >> he may be right. >> thank you very much.
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>> still coming up at abc 7 news a case blurring thez#i line between terrorism and art. >> a passenger tries to board a plane with the makings of a bomb. >> possible fine google could face, millions of dollars, plus, is it enough to teach them a lesson? >> how do you feel? >> it's bad. >> this man reacts to developments in a strike taking his twinkie
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some alert tsa officer as
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rested a man they suspected was ahax4f possible terrorist, carrying what they believed are components that could be used to make a bomb. it was also strange. >> that is what tsa officers were thinking. strange, and sus spishus. the more they discovered the more suspicious they became. at 8:00 last night jeffrey going through the check poin at southwest airlines head back to his home in rancho palos verdes, reportedly took off a watch, put knit the bin with his carry on. investigators say he covered witness a coat. and an alert officer didn't like what he saw. >> a watch had on it toggle switch. and a series of fuses. >> the sheriff sargeant says
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the tsa found no explosives the bomb squad determined it had ingredient to make a device for a bomb. and it's sizes too big. stuffed with insoles something the shoe bomber did. >> they had, what appeared to be a homemade cavity in there. >> a mace, where he could have hidden something he was wearing a military style shirt with a built in attorney yi get in the sleeves. >> soldiers learn how to tighten to stop the bleeding. nelson says it was everything they found that made them sus spishus. that led to his arrest. passengers we spoke with on of the year applauded the tsa. >> this is good we have
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measures in place. >> gladys rice from chicago says she's vigilant, anyway, when she travels.. >> they'll see something, report it. that makes them just as guilty as the person doing it question, what was he up to? nelson gave one answer. >> it's a concern is that someone is making a dry run. exactly. >> mcgan has another answer, with the adage art is in the eyes of the beholder, he told investigators he was an artist and with a what he was carrying was art work. we did find a web site for jeffrey mcgan. if he is, he's an artist, a photographer. being held in santa rita jail charged with possession of materials to make a destructive device. >> thank you. >> the impending national shut down of hostess is creating a
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mad rush of people looking to stock up before the tweets are -- sweets are gone for good. >> was an amazing site to see people flocking to get their last taste of the hostess products? >> are you cry something. >> it's sad. it is. i've been coming here all my live. >> a table of hoho, cleared. >> good stuff is gg to be gone. in this economy that is the last thing we need. >> in oakland, employees still reeling from the bad news. >> they're taking way paychecks for -- it's not going to be no different if they liquid or close, no jobs.. >> some shoppers have been eating the snacks since they're kids.
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>> do we look like we eat healthy? >> columbo may be joining others in the history books. >> that was the blue collar guy came home for dinner. the bread we represented at a fair price, a good product, fair price is what we represented to the bay area owe as hosts products disappear, a door may be opening. a cupcake shop is one example. >> people look elsewhere. i do think that families are trying to watch what their kids eat more. >>;[>v hostess filing paper wok to shut down it's operation. >> a lot of people are upset by that. >> yes. let's focus again on
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the weather forecast. >> we're looking at a wet weekend ahead. >> movie theaters and pubs. >> there is a live view here at abc 7. soon we expect lights to go on. so we're on storm watch and holiday light watch. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. we do have stormy weather. there is lots of active weather just off shore. looping radar, you can see last several hours, it's been moving up from the south that. will be the pattern from this storm. let's close in on the north bay. we've got moderate to heavy rainfall. moving eastward now over yontville, napa county. the north bay is getting a
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good drenching at this moment. temperatures on the mild side. upper 50s to low 60s, we'll continue to see waves of rain overnight into morning. a break developing mid day. a colder storm coming in. tonight, rain, showers, pob possibly isolated thunderstorms, low temperatures into mid-50s. satellite radar looks like this. current storm, weather moving in. this is bringing mild air witness. this sweeps this storm bringing colder air behind the frontal system there. starting at 7:00, and during evening hours, and overnight, we'll see continuing waves of rain. into about mid day tomorrow, and we can have a break then, second storm sweeps about 8:00
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down pours with it. it should be out here by mid morning sunday. we may have a nice, long break from precipitation sunday. by sunday morning that is clearing out of the area up to an inch or two over the remainder of the bay area. a nice soaking for the bay area.nj'v in the seera, a winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 sunday morning. rain, snow falling 8,000 feet now. snow levels are high. snow levels drop down to 6,000 feet sunday. c>huh to 20 inches of snow from that second storm. back here in the bay area, there is a bit of a break expected for rainfall. high temperatures reaching into low to mid-60s. monterey bay, low to mid-60s. uniformed range of highs tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. that break tomorrow, and a longer one, sunday.
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just about every day this week, we expect a chance of showers to develop, including thursday. >> thank you. restaurant arrest of one of oakland's most wanted. >> but not before he
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>> this fire forced a mass evacuation in the area started about 3:30 today because it was burning close to tanks, firefighters had a slowly approach it. crews ordered an evacuation and investigators are not sure what started this fire. >> witnesses say the noise of police sirens may have contributed to the crash that killed four gulf war veterans yesterday in west texas. they were on a trailer when hit by a train in a crossing in midland, texas. the community gathered today, all had served in iraq or afghanistan. >> only emotion i can describe it is a feeling of september 11th.
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and i guess that is what it feels like. >> witnesses say sirens from the escort may have drowned out the sound of the approaching train. the national transportation safety board says it appears the lights and gates were working at the time. >> the search on for four men in a robbery in the santa cruz. take a look at the scene on thursday afternoon.
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>> across the street, mike harris defended israel's military strikes. >> israel has the right to defend citizens.. >> the battle for public opinion, israeli forces and hamas are both using the internet to get the messages out. at the moment they sent out a tweet saying the defense forces has begun a campaign on terror. >> and moments later they posted an video of an air strike hamas responded for every strike there is a tweet or video post, a war of information in the struggle to win hearts and minds. >> that is being fought on television and web sites and social media. >> the israeli consul general
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calls it a battle for legitimacy. >> i would say there is a majority that is supportive. americans understand. >> would it matter if public opinion turned against israel? >> when it comes to protecting lives of children i think at the end of the day it does not matter. >> the chair says it does matter, more than israeli y admit. >> two days ago there is considerable support that would not be in the position it is. >> now, social media has had an impact on the arab spring. they are putting into their internet war of words it's having an impact there.
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>> david petraeus said the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya was a terrorist attack not a result of a film. petraeus testified rice was using talking points okayed by the terrorist community. democrats accuse republicans of unnecessarily assassinating rice's character. >> select ambassador rice because she used an unclassified talking point. i think it is a mistake. >> that is of course senator feinstein speaking. >> a consumer group lost a
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fight to make google face a stiffer penalty. as abc 7 news reporter this is a the 19th floor of the federal building l.a. based c73í to head with google, and lost. >> these guys are buying their way out of jam was what is pocket change. unacceptable. >> the group trying to convince a judge to raise a $22.5 billion fine as part of a settlement ftc says google side stepped a decision design zpined to prevent third parties from placing cookies on your computer that track you. google said it did so by accident and will not admit my wrong doing only saying they were glad the court agreed there is no merit to the request. >> we have problem was the
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deny you did anything wrong. >> privacy advocates say they hope the case call as tension to the case for tracking user as cross the web. >> you're using internet we've got a shadow of corporations following you around and taking note everywhere you go. >> they long championed do not track button but that is only a request and a study found most track you anyway. >> watch what people do, how they behave. you learn what motivates them. that is the key to understanding what people will be likely to want to buy. >> she worries advertisers could use data to show different prices. >> you probably need to block advertisements if they want to
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block privacy online. >> police going over evidence collected in one of the city's most wanted criminals. a 20-year-old was dining with fellow members of a gang in a steak house, an off duty police officer celebrating his$ wife's birthday spotted him and secretly called police. that is where the restaurant was. they arrested him, wanted for several home invasion robberies. police questioned other gang members and made some who had skipped out on their check at the steak house, go back, pay the bill, and leave a nice tip. >> just ahead a electrical improv group celebrates a huge milestone. >> we leave pickles the way they are, a nation will be sick. >> coming up, how they rehearsed their
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wap a bay area theater company celebrating 25 years of making people laugh as these actors create hilarious situations.. >> yes. $j easy to do. it offers up full length performances and don sanchez has the story. be prepared to laugh. >> secure these pickles. how ifñyju we leave the pickles the way they are, the nation
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would be sick. >> workers in a pickle factory. what this theater company and school has been doing since creating a theme. >> i have enjoyed scooping it. >> how could i repay you? >> there is no script. it's an exercise in create tift we're looking to create characters to tell a story from beginning, middle and end rather than just using the story as an excuse for a joke. >> overcoming writer's block, exploring qualities you may not know have you. >> one thing we work on is go with the first thing you think of. it takes practice to unwind your filter. >> there is a school, they go tluf tluf communications training. >> helping people talk, do conflict resolution, understand where others are coming from. >> this is about a willingness
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to take risks .s. >> in acting you're interpreting something. improv, you're doing eefrg these three in a justin beiber concert. >> i am a little bit embarrassed but i'm proud of my beibrer, love, okay. >> it seems anyone can be part of the company, like this. they continue through the end of the year. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> very funny. >> we're waiting for holiday lights to come on. we're going to show you when they do. >> and a school of heroes where
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an update to a story we brought you earlier, we've just received this surveillance photo taken during a bank robbery.
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police say the suspect is a sheriff deputy. he has been arrested according to investigators handing the teller a note with fingerprints and then got away with $1700. >>. >> in san mateo there is a school where students are bright and classes are unconventional. it's founder is an icon. if you do weather you could graduate with money you need to start a company. >> the school housed in a nine story hotel, the name is still above the entrance. but now, out front there are pictures of the apple founder steve jobs who started tesla motors. this is draper university of heroes. an unconventional school teaching young entrepreneurs how to succeed in the real business world.
6:45 pm
it's founder is tim draper. now, spending millions starting this school. >> when i wanted to do is to create a school of a type that encouraged people to step out there and become heroes. to fail, fail again. until they succeed. >> the school held a program for some 40 students this summer each morning starts out with a pledge. >> he will make short term sacrifices for long term success. >> students sit on bean wags. there is yoga, go carts, kayaking, painting and survival contents.#c+l draper says these activities teach them to you take on challenges out in the real
6:46 pm
world. a few people will succeed. our goal to understand what it's like to fail and move on. >> students have to apply for the program, tuition is $7500. they're divided into teams. >> i think people working in teams do extraordinary things they won't do for themselves. >> they learn fundamentals of business and traditional classes and taught through lectures given by executives. >> the pilot program started with a panel of venture capitalists. a berkeley grad won the competition, she got funding for her idea a better testing device to diagnose ovarian kifts. -- sifts. -- cysts.
6:47 pm
she returned recently during an open house. >> i have a product working in human tissue. i have, you know a term sheet for the next round of funding will be $4 million. >> those we spoke with, all said the school attracted them because of etc. free spirit add approach its a place for young people to come learn about being innovative thinkers to reinvent the way they look at the world. >> this gives me a chance, to fail. %xt university set to open in april with 80 selected students. or as called here, here. >> that is cool. >> thank you. >> let's go back to talk with the forecast. >> it's wet, getting wetter.
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across the north bay, it's coming up from the south moving into napa. area of activity over st. helena now. we have more pockets of rain earlier. rainfall totals 24 hours impressive areas have some locations over the east bay and south bay and received only a few hundredths of an inch of rainfall. two tenths of an inch in mount st. helena. this continues overnight. we do expect breaks tomorrow. high temperatures into low 60s tomorrow, unsettled weather continues throughout the weekend. then a break. a chance of rain tuesday, and wednesday. we continue to ask for your support. if you give $350 we'll mention
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your name at kf. >> employees of ch 2 m hill, 104 meals. just call the number at the top of the screen. we have abc 7 share your food drive coming up. we'll take your food banks. >> people are generous. >> they are. >> this time of the year. >> thank you. >> larry beil
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meanwhile, alex smith hasqç not been cleared yet but has been taking progress from that concussion. for smith, his offensive line has been taking good care of him. >> if you get near him, you will get beat up, badly. so... you know, this guy sun
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believable. took a shot. you know? for him to be battling back is saying volumes about him. >> this bears quarterback jay cutler will not go in that game so former raider quarterback jason campbell will get the start. it did come in in the second half. campbell says he'd ready. >> it's a tough situation. this is what we do. it's part of our lives. you've got to take the bull by the horns and play your game. of course you're not going to be here like peyton manning. do what you do. >> getting suspended did to the stop former giants
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outfielder from getting a nice deal. espn reporting they agreed to a two year contract and was suspended for 50 games in august after testing positive for testosterone in the system. he was second in the tagsal league and batting average before getting suspended. college football, stanford going to try to shock the world to. there is a skikoff skikoff -- kickoff right here on abc 7. scoring 42 or more points in all those games. >> one team played their best every game. you know? my thought is that you've got to match that. give yourself a chance. >> stanford is a 20.5 point
6:56 pm
under dog. we'll have the ducks at 5:00 and highlights following after the game. talking about shocking the world of sanfordqqle women's hos team did that. it's a tournament in hawaii. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> 20 and a half. >> yes. 20 and a half. >> we'll see. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> 2020 investigates the dirty secrets of restaurants. have you ever wondered if your bread has been on another table? it's awful. 2020 takes you into a kitchen with a real dish tonight at 10:00. >> and meat glue. investigating the stuff used to stick meat scraps together to create a steak. >> there is this.
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new locks for luggage. why is stuff disappearing? how safe belongings are after you check in. join us tonight at 10:00.vr;5 >> thanks for joining us, that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> this holiday lights have just gone on. 17,000 of them. happy holidays.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here is our third group of semifinalists -- a high-school world-history teacher from chicago, illinois... ...a sixth-grade social-studies teacher from south lyon, michigan... ...and a high-school history teacher from miami, florida... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. as johnny mentioned, this is the third and last of our sem matches. the winner today will come back on monday and tuesday to play for $100,000. colby, brenton, and drew, welcome back. good luck. here we go into the jeopardy! round. here are your categories for this first round today. great way to start.

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